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Tirupati veshesha pooja

Visesha Pooja:

Chaturdasa Kalasa Visesha pooja is held every Monday after the bell when the Utsava Vigraha is brought to the mandapa the pooja. after getting permission from Sri Malayappa swami, Anukuraepana and Punyaha Vachanam are rendered by Archakas. As Panchasukatas Sri, Bhu, Purusha, Narayana Suktas, and Nila are recited, Tirumanjanam is performed to the Utsava murtis. there is a total of fourteen vessels in that seven consist of Sudhodaka (pure water), and the remaining seven consist of Milk, curd, gingerly oil, ghee, Vidarbha, Akshatas (holy grains of rice), and Panchagavya. The Arjita Seva ticket holders who took part during this Seva are presented with Vastra Bahumanam;
For men, it’s upper cloth (Uttariyam), one Laddu, one vada.
For women, one blouse piece, one laddu, one vada.

Pooja Procedures:

1.Ticket cost – Rs 600 per head
2. Seva timing – 6:30 am
3. Homam Timing – 7:15 am to 9:15 am
4. Venue – VQC I

Important note:

Entrance for the Vishesha pooja is going through Supatham
Reporting time for the pooja is 6:30
Devotees are supposed to wait in the waiting hall till the break darshan Q line is over by 7:30.
Pooja takes place in the main temple where Kalyanotsavam is performed.
Pooja starts at 8:00 am & ends by 9:30 am
Once the pooja ends you’ll be joining the Q line at Dwajasthambam.
Then you’ll be turned to the first floor (Vaikili) Jaya Vijaya, It will be Maha Laghu Darshan.