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Srivari Thulambaram at tirumala tirupati

The history behind Srivari Thulamburam:

Sibi Chakravarthi was a king who offered his body parts to the lord, he was a very famous person and his name was found in Tamil Sangam Literature. once the lord Agni and Indra Decided to test king Sibi Chakravarthi and they went there in form of a dove and eagle. And the dove went to Sibi Chakravarthi to protect itself from the eagle, Sibi Chakravarthy asked the eagle to leave the dove, and he offered his flesh to equal the dove’s weight, the king cuts this flesh and place it on the pan but that dint match the dove’s weight and again he cuts his flesh bit by bit still it was not equal to the dove’s weight and later he himself stood on the pan and that moment lord appeared in front of Sibi Chakravarthi.

Srivari Thulamburam is nothing but offering rice, sugar, sugar candy, jaggery, coins, or others equal to the person who performs Srivari Thulamburam. there is no age limit for the Srivari Thulamburam any age category can perform.
The procedure of Sirvari Thulambura is made very simple.

Price List:

I Rupee coin – Rs 202 per Kg
2 Rupee coin – Rs 332 per Kg
5 Rupee coin – Rs 555 per kg
Sugar – Rs 40 per Kg
Sugar Candy – Rs 30 per Kg
Jaggery – Rs 38 per kg
Rice – Rs 41 per kg

Things to Remember:

There is no need for pre-booking or online booking.
For Srivari Thulamburam you need to contact the staff near Padi Kavali.
The weighting procedure depends on the material you are willing to offer.
Pilgrims should decide the material to be offered before entering the venue itself.
Need not carry coins with you as TTD provides.
staff will measure your weight and weight of the material you offer and provide you a receipt.
The Pilgrims should reach the counter and pay the amount mentioned in the receipt.
Materials offered will be donated to the temple in the name of the pilgrims.