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Old - Age Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the most important investment that travelers can make when they decide to travel.
It is important because it cover the number of risks
travel insurance covers travel risk, medical risk, flight disruptions, and others.


> Medical emergency

In any case of emergency medical or accident case, the insurance company will provide cost up to the particular limit that is to the mentioned limit. they even have a list of network hospitals where you can also avail of treatment.

> Travel emergency

Travel insurance will help you in many ways like loss of passport, luggage missing, flight canceled at all this situation. incase of flight is canceled insurance company will refund a particular amount on the limit back be your account. without an insurance company, all your money would have drained out.

> Trip description

For some reason, you would have to cancel the trip you have planned earlier. in that case, the travel agency provides coverage for booking and canceling. it may be canceled by you are the travel agency, as per the terms and conditions the insurance company provides a level of compensation.