tirupati car rental

marriage organization at tirupati by balaji travels

Booking procedure-

  1. The bride’s age should be 18 and above.
  2. The groom’s age should be 21 and above.
  3. Both bride and grooms Adharcard photocopies
  4. Bride and groom, parents Adharcard and photocopies.
  5. online booking not available, booking to be done in person.
  6. Parent of both the side must be present for hall enquire and book.
  7. The marriage hall rental price is Rs 200 for 24 hours.
  8. 6 halls are available at Tirupati for weddings.

Documents to be submitted-

1.Adharcard photocopies, Passport, driving license, voter id, pan card of both bride and groom.
2.The birth certificate, education certificate of both bride and groom are to be submitted for age verification.
3.Both Bride and groom’s parents’ Id and photocopies are to be submitted.
4.Only original copies will be accepted.

Marriage hall facilities-

1.Totaly 6 wedding halls are available.
2.The marriage hall includes 3 rooms, a Bride room, a Groom room, and another room for relatives.
3.Electricity and water facilities will be available.

Self arrangements-

1. For the decorations and light setting, you need to contact a marriage contractor at Tirupati.
2. Purohit should be engaged separately.
3. Marriage items should be purchased on your own or handed over to the marriage contract.

Bus for Marriage-

1. If you are going to Tirupati from Chennai for marriage you can make a booking at Tirupati car packages.
2. The travels will be arranged according to the number of people.
3. Chennai car packages will stay with you till the entire function gets over.
4. Another facility like food arrangement for people who came to attend the wedding will also be arranged by Balaji travels if needed.
5. Event management is also available at Tirumala Tirupati car packages.
6. A separate bus can be allotted for Bride and groom family members.


1.The entire hall must be sanitized before the function starts.
2. Buffet system is not allowed on the premises of Kalyana mandapam
3. Food facilities to be provided with social distance.
4. Consumption of alcohol, paan, tobacco, etc is strictly not permitted on the premises of Kalyana mandapam.
5. Due to covid-19, only a limited member of people are allowed to attend the function, with the permission given by the government.
6. Spitting inside the premises of Kalyana mandapam is not allowed.