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Best season to visit lord balaji with tirumala tirupathi

  •  March to September is the summer month so the climate in Tirupati will be hot and humid with temperatures rising to 42 c at times. mostly the people visit Tirupati throughout the year. so they can plan according to the seasonal breakup
  •  November to February the winter starts in Tirupati and that will be the best time to plan a tour t6o Tirupati the temperature at that time will doesn’t dip below 15 c. and keeps the weather comfortable, but during the night it might be little cool so using sweater at that time makes you feel warm.
  •  In May to June, the maximum temperature can go up to 42 c to 45 c that to particularly in the month of April, and may the temperature will be high. so most people will avoid visiting Tirupati at this particular month. so Tirupati will be seen less crowded during these days.
  •  July into October the temperature will start lowering as monsoon starts by July, and we can experience a mild shower so this will be the best time to visit Tirupati with family. and al; so during September the festival season starts, all the big festival falls on this month, the brahmotsavam.