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Kapila Theertham & Ishkon

Kapila theertham is located very close to Tirupati nearly 4 km. it is a waterfall at the base of Seshadri hill. Kapila threetham is the main temple of lord shiva, and lord shiva is here referred to as kapileshwara, shiva linga is made up of metal at this temple. most of the people visit this place. Most children literally enjoy visiting this place while visiting Tirupati. this place looks more beautiful from November to December during the rainy season. it is said that on the full moon day at karthiga deepam all the rivers in the three world’s join at the Kapila theertham. the person who bath there during this time he will get rid of all his sins. having darshan at this temple is very powerful. Kapil theertham is exactly located near alipiri and just 3 km from Tirupati bus stand. TTD runs the bus to Kapila theertham from the Tirupati bus stand. You can also make bookings from Chennai to Tirupati tour packages to have a comfortable journey within your budget.

Japali Theertham Tirumal

Japali Theertham Japali Threetham is a pond near Japali Anjaneya Swamy temple which is located in Tirumala just 7 km from Venkateshwara swami temple. it is located nearly 1 km inside the forest from the road. drinking water facility will be available while walking inside the forest route, it takes more than one hour to reach Japali Anjaneya temple from the entrance. and it is said to be one of the oldest temples in Tirupati, most people don’t know about this temple, but it is also a must-visitable place at Tirumala. the Japali Theertham pond out of this temple is more famous, people also believe that bath in this Japali Threetam pond will dissolve all their sins and evils. lord japali Anjaneya in this temple is more powerful, while visiting Tirupati people will also visit this place and get their sins washed.

Festival at Japali Threetham

Many festivals occur at Japali Theertham, but the most famous festival celebrated in this temple is Hanuman Jayanthi in the month of may and Raagu pooja is another famous pooja celebrated in japali Theertham, most of the festivals occurs at Japali Theertham full moon day. so people from many other counties will also make visit the Japali Anjaneya Swamy temple during festival days.

Timing to visit Japili Theertham

Timing to visit this temple is 6:00 am – 6:00 pm, but during the festival time, the temple will be opened for extra hours for the people to get the darshan of Japali Anjaneya.
Travels for Japili Theertham

Travel facilities

People can prefer any type of travel to visit the Japali Anjaneya temple bus, auto is also available. For people from Chennai, the Tirumala Tirupathi car package will be the best choice, it covers all these places near Tirumala Tirupati, it is the best package from Chennai to Tirupati, people also prefer Tirupati travels to enjoy the best packages offered by them. they have many offers like one day package to Tirupati, two days package, three days package from Chennai to Tirupati, and other tour packages are also covered by them.

History Iskcon temple

Iskcon Temple at Tirupati is a must-visit place for all three pilgrims who visit Tirupati for Venkateshwara darshan. Iskcon temple is started at Tirupati in the year 1983 with a small ashram with the help of Tirumala Tirupati devasthanam. it is a brahmacharya ashram that sheltered idols of Lord Krishna and Gopika have been establishing along with a small temple. those idols were craved with the beautiful white granite which cannot be found elsewhere.

Facilities in Iskcon Temple

In 2005 the complex of ISKCON was established and opened to everyone with an amazing architecture with multiple complexes, guest houses, theaters, restaurants, and many other features. so people who visit Iskcon will enjoy the entire atmosphere, and it is the most loved place for children they’ll enjoy the temple complex, theater, and others inside the Iskcon temple.

Location of Iskcon Temple

Iskcon is located on the way to Tirumala just at a 5 to 6 km distance, people can visit Iskcon while going on the way to Tirumala or also while returning back from Chennai to Tirumala. The darshan for Iskcon is free for everyone, one can visit Iskcon and spend how much ever time they want in the temple complex it is not restricted and not paid, people can do meditation and enjoy the environment without any restrictions.

Travels facilitate for Iskcon temple

And any kind of travel facilities are available to Iskcon, Tirupati car packages will be one of the best options for you to visit Iskcon while returning back from Tirupati to Chennai, no extra charges to pay, all comes under the same package you choose.