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Top 10 Facts about Tirumala Tirupathi

An unknown village

For the worship of the deities in the Tirumala temple, the flowers, milk, curd, holy leaves, etc. are sourced from a village located about twenty-two kilometers away from Tirupati. Nobody knows about the little
the village, except the people who live in that village.

Sri Balaji real hair

the hair worn by Sri Balaji is real, there is a story behind his long hair. Balaji once while the regime on earth he lost his hair, hearing this a Gandrava princess named Neela Devi cut off her hair and asked them to plant that on Lord Balaji’s head. lord, Balaji also accepted her offering and he promised that whoever visit his shrine and sacrifice their hair, on his feet will be blessed. and this followed till date, many people visiting Tirupati and shave their heads to get the blessings of Lord Balaji.

The idol of the deity is at the right corner

The idol of Tirupati Balaji may look like standing in the center of the sanctum santorum, but the truth is the idol of Lord Balaji is located in the right side corner of the shrine.

sound of sea wave behind Sri Balaji

The truth we may not believe, the sound of sea waves can be heard when we put our ears behind the idol of Lord Balaji’s image housed in the shrine.

Flowers of lord balaji

Mostly the priests do not throw the flowers offered to Lord Balaji in the morning worship at the sanctum sanctorum. instead, they throw it into the waterfalls that flow behind the rear side of the idol. and however, the priests refrain from looking backside of the holy deity for the next few days. but the flowers thrown into the falls are seen at a place called Yerpedu which is 20 kilometers away from the Tirupati.

The sweat of deity

We all know the fact that the idol of Balaji is carved up of stone. But even though it is made up of stone the idol of Sri Balaji is kept under the temperature of 110 degrees. but already the entire temple is surrounded by the cool temperature since it’s located at 3000 feet. every morning Lord Balaji after having a holy bath, droplets of sweat are seen on this idol. And the priests use to wipe it with the silken fabric.

The appearance of Lord Balaji

They believed that early 19th century the king of that region imposed a death sentence on the twelve people for committing a heinous crime. and they hanged that twelve members till their last breath. and even after the post-death of the twelve members, the body of that criminals was left hanging on the wall of Tirupati Balaji temple. And that was the time where the deity himself appeared.