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Food at Tirupati

Food at Tirupati:

The best thing about Tirupati is they follow tradition and culture. food is the basic and important need for every person, food at Tirupati is a combination of both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh cuisine. both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have delicious food varieties. even though both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, at Tirupati mostly vegetarian foods are prepared as the city is known as a holy city.


Pulihora is the most famous and common food we gat at Tirupati which is known as tamarind rice in Tamil Nadu. It is cooked rice mixed with tamarind paste, chili, peanut, and other ingredients that add more taste.


Payasam is our Indian traditional dessert, which is made up of creamy milk, Semiya, and sugar. prepared on many occasions at Tirupati.


Laddu has become a symbol of Tirupati, people who visit Tirupati will not leave without getting laddu. it is the most famous thing we get at Tirupati. the laddu we get at Tirupati can be tasted anywhere else, which is made up of, besan flour, sugar, oil, gee, cashew nut, raisins, and cardamon.


Pongal is the common food we have as breakfast in both Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. which can be prepared in two ways white Pongal and sweet Pongal both are very famous dishes. made up of rice, dal, pepper, curry leaves, ghee, and cashew nuts.


Bisibelebath is a spicy dish with origins in state Karnataka. is also famous at Tirupati, which is made up of, rice, dal, ghee, spices, and other vegetables. looks colorful and tastes good.