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Chennai to Vellore Package

1. Vellore Fort:

Vellore fort is one of the famous sights to see spots at Vellore, holly temple, and the splendid mosque is situated within the fort. It is considered to be an iconic fort, we can see all the regions inside the fort. the fort covers an area of 133 acres. In this fort, the Britishers helped the Tipu sultan family and Srilanka kings. The fort was built by Vijayanagar kings, the fort was at one time the headquarter of the Aravidu Dynasty of the Vijaya Nagar Empire. control of the fort passed over to the Bijapur sultan and then to Marathas. There is an escape tunnel that leads to Virinjipuran at a distance of about 12 km. There are many public houses that are also built inside the fort.

Timing – 7:30 Am to 9:30 Pm
Holiday – Open all the day
Entry Fee – Free

2. Jalakandeswarar Temple:

Jalakandeswarar temple is dedicated to lord shiva. which is under the control of the archaeological survey of India along with St.John’s church, Tippu Mahal, Hyder Mahal, Candy Mahal, Badhusha Mahal, and the Begum Mahal. and according to legend, there is a giant anthill located where the sanctum of the temple now stands. this anthill was surrounded by stagnant water, as a collection of rainwater, and at the same time, Siva lingam was placed in this water around the anthill and worshiped. The Jalakandeshwara temple is a fine example of Vijayanagaram architecture. The temple has exquisite carvings on its gopuram, richly carved stone pillars, large wooden gates, and stunning monoliths and sculptures.

Timing – 7;30 am to 9:30 Pm
Holiday – Open all-day

3. Ratnagiri Murugan temple:

Ratnagiri Murugan temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga, and it was built around the 14th century. and also mentioned in the 14th-century poet Arunagirinatha, the temple is located at the top of the hill. people believe that the Murugan idol in the shrine and the guru Swami Balamurugan Adimai (born in 1941) are manifestations of the deity. days celebrated in the temple are, Adi Kiruthigai, Adi Velli, Tamil Newyear, Panguni Uttiram, January 1, and Navaratri.

Timing – 7:30 Am to 9:00 Pm
Holiday – Open all-day
Entry fees – Free
Duration – 45 minutes

4. Sripuram Golden temple:

This Golden Temple is located at Vellore is on 100 acres of land. and it is constructed by a Vellore-based charitable trust. the temple is headed by the Shakthi Amma or also known as Narayani Amma. the temple is covered with 1500 kg gold. it is 120 kilometers from Tirupati and 145 kilometers from Chennai, and 160 kilometers from Pondichery. the Maha Kumbhabishekam of the temple is its chief deity, Sri Lakshmi Narayani or Maha Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, was been held on 24 august 2007, people from all religions are allowed to visit.

Timing – 7:30 am to 9:00 Pm
Holiday – Open all-day

5. Vellore Museum:

Vellore museum was established on 6th September 1958 Lutchaswamy Townhall, and later the government museum was shifted to the fort in April 1999. The complete area of the museum is 9000 square feet in which the display area is 5000 square feet. the museum has eight galleries and they are;
1. District Gallery
2. Pre-history philately Gallery
3. Zoology Gallery
4. painting Gallery
5. bronze Gallery
6. Coin Gallery
7. stone sculpture Gallery
8. Anthropology Gallery

Timing – 7:30 am to 9:00 Pm and 2:00 Pm to 5:00 Pm
Holiday – Open all-day