tirupati car rental

Tirupati Provides all essential benifits to the devotees coming and visiting tirupati and also one can get extra benefits from tirumala

bus travel inside tirupati

Tirupati travellers can get the following features free from Tirupati. Note: please don’t damage public properties in Tirupati. 

Free Bus: Yes all the devotees who wish to travel from temple to temple inside Tirupati can use this bus. This bus is free of cost and can travel all around Tirupati. One day Tirupati travellers from Chennai Balaji travel need not take this bus. since our vehicle is standing for you at the outside of the temple. In some points of Tirupati vehicles are restricted, at that point, the bus has permission to pass through. In case of necessary travel kindly pick the bus in advance.

Free Food: As of all the Hindu temples from north India to south India, the food is provided free for rich, poor and middle-class people. People who wish to eat in mandapam can eat for free. 24*7 Food available with neat and quality. Hygenic is maintained here correctly

Tirupati Infrastructure: To tell about the buildings and monuments in Tirupati, the government of Andhra Pradesh maintaining it in a good manner that it is not damaging the natural and climatic conditions and also helpful for people and devotees. Everywhere there is a Restroom and water for drinking purpose. The road is laid perfectly with wooden pavement on the side of each road. The road is separated into two halves with zebra crossings.