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Chennai to Tirupati package

Tirumala Tirupati car packages came with additional tour packages from Chennai to Tirupati. Tirumala travels provide you the well maintained and comfortable travels. Tirumala Tirupati package has rental cars package from Chennai to Tirupati, also from Chennai to all over India as tour package, but it varies according to the package you choose. There are many advantages of choosing Chennai to Tirupati car packages, they provide you the Darshan tickets, Breakfast, and lunch free of cost. even toll charges and state permit charges everything will be taken care of by them. And no need to pay any extra payment, additional payment will be taken care of by Tirumala Tirupati travels. Chennai to Tirupati travels have 20 plus cars variety with 15 plus years of experience. more than 20 thousand customers choose Tirumala Tirupati car packages due to our service and maintenance. cars are been well sanitized and maintained clean for the awareness of covid infections. Chennai to Tirupati Car package provides free pick up and drop throughout Chennai. Drivers of Tirumala Tirupati travels are well educated and Experienced, they pick up and drop at your doorstep. all other extra arrangements at Tirupati will also be planned by the Tirumala Tirupati car package. Mostly your travel starts at 4:30 am and ends before or at 7:00 pm. booking charge at chennai to tirupati car packages vary according to the package you choose and the number of people travel.



Tirumala Tirupati travels provide you additional things that you require while traveling from Chennai to Tirupati.
darshan ticket worth Rs 300 will be provided by Chennai to Tirupati car packages,
Breakfast and lunch at a 3-star hotel will also be provided by Tirumala Tirupati travels free of cost for approximately Rs 100 – Rs 300. Breakfast will be at any 3-star hotel on way to Tirupati from Chennai and lunch will be at hotel Bhimas in Tirupati.
No extra charges will be applied, by Chennai to Tirupati car Packages, Toll charges and State permit charges will also be paid by Tirumala Tirupati travels. ​In case of any medical emergency, Tirumala Tirupati travels drivers will get your medical needs or take you to the nearby clinics.
​chennai to Tirupati travels provides a free pick up and drop throughout Chennai.
Tirumala Tirupati travels offers free laddu for their customers.


The way from Chennai to Tirupati

Tirumala Tirupati Travels will pick up you at 4:30 am on your doorstep where your Journey starts.
​By 5:00 am you will be crossing Madhavram Highway.
​You’ll be reaching Gummudipoodi around 7:00 am.
​In Puttur you’ll be having Breakfast at 8:00 am provided by Chennai to Tirupati car packages.
​Around 9:00 am to 9:30 reaches Andra state permit
​10:00 am you’ll reach your destination, by receiving a darshan ticket from Tirumala Tirupati drivers You can enter the Queue.

Customer reviews

I am raghavi from Tambaram, we had a plan to visit Tirupati last month, I made a booking at Chennai to Tirupati car packages. They provided excellent service throughout the trip. from the starting till the end there was no disappointment, everything was well planned. we had smooth driving, the driver was very experienced, since last time while going to Tirupati the driver was too fast we were not even able to sit comfortably that was been the worst travel. but this time we enjoyed their entire journey. the driver stopped at every spot on the way to Tirupati and we enjoyed the nature sites and he even helped us in taking pictures too. not only us even my grandparents had a comfortable trip, mostly they don’t travel more due to back pain and other health issues but this time they enjoyed the entire journey without any health issues.

I’m Gopal V from minjur. my family was planning to visit Tirupati for the last 4 months but we dint get any idea about booking a rental car, later one of my friends visited Tirupati a week before and he suggested me to make an booking at Chennai to Tirumala car packages and he gave their contact details. and that was the best package the offered many additional needs of us on the way to Tirupati like food, darshan ticket, laddu and all. and they also guided as were to get tonsured and ear piercing. then they gave us the darshan tickets to enter inside the temple and get the darshan of Venkata Chalapathi. while returning back to Chennai we also visited many other temples and tourist places.



​On booking at Balaji travels you can have a stress free journey, all your basic needs will be provided by Tirumala Tirupati packages, you need not carry food for breakfast and lunch and all, Chennai Balaji travels cover all under the package you choose, darshan tickets, toll charge, Andra state permit charger, laddu, and everything will be taken care by them. the only thing you must do is to make your booking on Chennai to Tirupati tour packages, and enjoy the entire trip without any tension and get the peaceful darshan of lord Sri Venkata Chalapathi

Nearby religious places

Japali Theertham

Japali Theertham is the place near Tirumala Tirupati, It is dedicated to Swamy Japali Anjaneya. there is a pond at Japali Anjaneya temple where the people bathe to get their sins and evils washed out. the temple is located 1 km inside the forest and we must go on walking. lord Japali Anjaneya in this temple is considered to be more powerful full. people who visit Tirupati will also visit the Japali Anjaneya temple. by booking Chennai to Tirupati car packages you can also cover all this places.

Vellore Golden Temple

The Golden Temple Vellore complex is located Vellore district Tamil Nadu and it is 120 km from Tirupati. The maha kumbhabhishekam or consecration of the temple and its chief deity. Sri Narayani Hospital and research center is the general hospital located in the Tirupuram temple complex and it is run by Sri Narayani peedam charitable trust. the silent feature of Thirupuram is the Lakshmi temple, whose vimana and Ardha mandapam are covered with pure gold, housing the deity Sri Lakshmi Narayani. . People from Chennai often visit Tirupati, and while coming back they will also visit Vellore Golden temple, you can use the packages provided by Balaji travels Chennai to visit all the nearby temples and other spots.

Sri Verasinddhi Vinayaka Temple

Sri Verasinddi Vinayaka temple is located in kanipakkam, the diet of the temple is Sri Verasinddi Vinayaka. this temple is also known as Knipakkam Vinayaka temple. They believe that the size of the Sri Verasinddi Venayaka increases day by day till the end of the kaliyuga and Sir Verasinddi Vinayaka will appear in person. this is also the most important place to be covered while visiting Tirupati. Tirumala Tirupati travels will help you to cover this temple and get the blessings of Sri Verasinddi Vinayaka


Items to be carried while traveling

pooja material to have the darshan of Venkateshwara
​Medicines that you take in case of health issues.
​Baby needs, an extra dress, diaper, and baby food if need.
​Darshan tickets if it’s been already handed over to you.
​If any special tickets or coupons are available to take on hand.
​extra money to spend or purchase on Tirupati. ( ATM are available at Tirupati )
​Junk food or snacks to have while traveling.
​mask and sanitizer to prevent from covid infection.

Precaution taken to control Covid infection

Deu to covid only limited people is allowed to Tirupati. The temple is fully sanitized and maintained clean. wearing a mask is most importan and compulsory. with out mask, they will not allow you inside the temple. the cars of Tirupati car Packages are well sanitized and maintained clean. the drivers are also got vaccinated to prevent covid infection. should avoid spending time near crowded areas or in public places for safer side. Chennai to Tirupati car package will provide mask and sanitizers to the customer

Food facilities

Tirumala Tirupati car packages provide you breakfast and lunch free of cost for approximately for Rs 150 to 250. Breakfast will be provided at puttur in any 3-star hotel, breakfast food includes ( idle, sambar, chatni and sweet ) all these are specially made. and lunch at tirupati in hotel bhimas, lunch varieties are ( rice, sambar, rasam, greens, and sweet ) pure vegetarian food are provided. so you need not carry breakfast and lunch from Chennai till Tirupati or search hotels to have food at Tirupati. Chennai Tirupati travels provides you all your basic needs.

How to book chennai to tirupati tour package with chennai balaji travels

Go to tirumalatirupathibooking.com
Choose the best package which suits you
Register with a user name and password shown on the web page
You will receive the registration details from us to the mobile number
You will be diverted to form 2
Please fill up the details given, Chennai to Tirupati tour package price estimation will be made ready
After successful payment, you will receive an SMS regarding the amount paid, and a PDF invoice is generated, ready to print.
Within 10 minutes, the Support team from tirumalatirupathibooking will send an approved message in order to confirm the ticket.
Choose from three types of payment
Full Online Payment
Advance Online Payment
Offline Payment
If you are not comfortable with the online process you can visit or contact the nearby branch of Chennai to Tirupati car packages for more details.

Tourist spots to see on the way to tirupati

puzhal lake
Puzhal lake is also known as red hills lake, located in red hills Chennai. it is one of the two rain-fed reservoirs from where water is supplied to chennai. Jones tower at puzhal lake is constructed to measure the water level of the lake. people visit jones tower every day, it is a place for walking, jogging, and to spent time with family and friends in the evenings. it is located on the way to Tirupati so it is also the best option to visit while going to Tirupati. by making a booking at Tirumala Tirupati car package you can enjoy all the places on the way to Tirupati from Chennai or while returning back also it according to your comfort.

Iskcon temple
Iskcon temple is also near Tirupati which is located 5 to 6 km distance. at first, it was a small ashram maintained by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. it was a brahmacharya ashram that sheltered idols of Lord Krishna and Gopika, it has been establishing along with a small temple. those idols were craved with the beautiful white granite which cannot be found anywhere else. and later it was established and opened as a temple complex, Theater, restaurants and become a most famous tourist place. Chennai to Tirumala car package also includes all these places. you can visit this place while going to Tirupati from Chennai or also returning back to Chennai from Tirupati.

Retteri lake

The retteri lake is located in the area around Madhavram and kolathur. this lake provides the cooling climate for the area surrounding Chennai. red hills road junction is also known as retteri junction. the lake covers about 5.42 million sq. we can see many birds at retteri lake. it has been the home for many birds. about 40 different species of birds have been sighted in this lake (Tailorbird, the purple-rumped sunbird, Asian openbill stork, migration bird, and many other). it is a beautiful sight during the season. This can also be sighted while coming back to Chennai from Tirupati.

Pricing for shared tirupati package:

(Recommended)Booking on or before 30 Day: Rs.1800 Only
Booking Before 1 Day (On spot your booking): Rs.2200 Only

Cars used for chennai to tiupati package

DZIRE & ETIOS – 1 seat – ₹ 5500
DZIRE & ETIOS – 2 seat – ₹ 6000
DZIRE & ETIOS – 3 seat – ₹ 6500
DZIRE & ETIOS – 4 seat – ₹ 7000

INNOVA – 1 seat – ₹ 7000
INNOVA- 2 seat – ₹ 7500
INNOVA – 3 seat – ₹ 8000
INNOVA – 4 seat – ₹ 8500
INNOVA – 5 seat – ₹ 9000
INNOVA – 6 seat – ₹ 9500

INNOVA CRYSTA – 1 seat – ₹ 8500
INNOVA CRYSTA – 2 seat – ₹ 9500
INNOVA CRYSTA – 3 seat – ₹ 10,000
INNOVA CRYSTA – 4 seat – ₹ 10,500
INNOVA CRYSTA – 5 seat – ₹ 11,000
INNOVA CRYSTA – 6 seat – ₹ 11,500
INNOVA CRYSTA – 7 seat – ₹ 12,000

Tavera – 1 seat – ₹ 7000
Tavera – 2 seat – ₹ 7500
Tavera – 3 seat – ₹ 8000
Tavera – 4 seat – ₹ 8500
Tavera – 5 seat – ₹ 9000
Tavera – 6 seat – ₹ 9500
Tavera – 7 seat – ₹ 10,500
Tavera – 8 seat – ₹ 12,000
Tavera – 9 seat – ₹ 12,500

TEMPO TRAVELLER – 8 seat – ₹ 16,000
TEMPO TRAVELLER – 9 seat – ₹ 16,500
TEMPO TRAVELLER – 10 seat – ₹ 17,000
TEMPO TRAVELLER – 11 seat – ₹ 17,500
TEMPO TRAVELLER – 12 seat – ₹ 18,000

cancellation policy

Every 6 month chennai to tirupati package introduces new coupon codes
This coupon code helps users to reduce the amount of travel and make us to complete the tirumala journey in minimum price
Coupon code 1: “OFF50” use this coupon while travelling, and get 50 rupees OFF
Code Terms and Conditions:
Coupon valid only one time in the 6 month
Only one person can be applicable to use this for booking one day tirupati package from chennai balaji travels
The amount will be given after the journey completed
Use this coupon both online and offline while paying

Coupon Code

Cancellation is not accepted for un healthy reasons
Cancellation of order is not approved if the TTD Darshan ticket is booked
User must cancel the order 24 hours before thethe booking of darshan ticket and 24 hours before journey start time Phospond of journey is not accepted if Darshan ticket is booked.

chennai to tirupati tour package shared plan

Shared plan is nothing the cost reduction and cost effective travel. In this pack the user can book the darshan ticket in less than 2000 rupees.

Shared package vs Normal Tirupati car package
More privacy is attained in a normal package
In a shared package, a full tempo traveler is shared by a group of people
Ticket will be booked based on the number of seats
Additional tour packages charge extra
All the features in one day Tirupati tour package are in shared packages
timing will be the same for both
Note: If you are traveling solo or duo, it is recommended to travel with shared packages. If you are travelling with family travel in normal package

Drivers and Status

All our drivers are expertized and can with stand in hard climatic conditions. They are punctual and manage the time successfully. They will pickup you and drop you on the same place without any delay. They wont borrow you any money for personal or related activities. Our tirupati drivers are well educated about the religious history and mythology. Ask they any doubts related to the lord Venkateshwara. Request the vehicle driver whenever needed, to enjoy climatic conditions.

Tolls on the way

There are two tolls on the way from chennai to tirumala devasthanam. Ridhills toll plaza, an average amount of 100 to 250 is paid based on the type of vehicle used. As said before no extra charged is detected for this. Shared tour package and normal package will include this features 

Second toll is in the foot of mountain. As a major task in this toll each and every bag, and users will bechecked thoroughly in case of any explosive or harmful items to be carried or not. Just a 5 minutes tash in both the toll. The security inspection have been tightened after Mumbai taj hotel bomb blast

Andra state permit

Every state in India has a state permit to buy. Tamilnadu vehicle needs to pay to drive in Sandra and other stated. Tirumala tirupathi booking will take care of all this prices. The car driver needs to pay from 1000 to 2000 rupees based on the vehicle type used. A quick 1 minute stop in border of andrapradesh. As a notification your sim card pops up the notification in telengu and GPS shows the location.

Accident during chennai to tirupati package

Chennai to tirupati tour package have never leads to any accident for the past 15 years, this denotes the quality of driving, vehicle condition and amount of love we had with our customers
In case of any accidents during tirupati tour travel with chennai balaji travels, we have selected number of hospital which have specialized doctors in the traveling hours. In emergency situation they will solve our problem and give onspot treatment. Customerts need not to be panic about this situation.