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Dos and Donts for old age people during chennai to tirupati tour travels with chennai balaji travels

Health checkup:

People above 60 should consult a doctor before traveling is a must. without doctors’ consultation, they are not supposed to travel anywhere even to nearby places. after the entire body, a checkup is done, and once the doctor permits you to travel, only then you can travel from one place to another. but carrying the medicine prescribed by the doctor is a must. If in case any kind of emergency is needed in the middle of the travel the person should consult the nearby doctor and should not continue the journey it’s better to stop.

Medicine to be carried:

On daily basis lacks people visit Tirupati, most of them are aged persons too, and many Bp patients and diabetes patients are also visiting Tirumala day by day, so it is a must to take all the medicine, they consume on hand to avoid health issues while getting darshan of Lord Balaji.

Driver must know about your health condition:


Before traveling it is better to inform your health condition to the drivers
so that they can drive accordingly
If any medical emergency is needed while traveling, the driver will take you to the near by hospital.
If any medicine is missing, can also be informed by the driver, so that they will get you that particular medicine from a nearby medical shop.

The thing to be carried by aged people:

Bedsheet – since it is a very cold climate at Tirupati it’s better to carry bedsheets
towel – to use after bathing
insulin – for diabetics patients to have before or after food
medicine – general medicine for sudden headache or fever
Bp tablets – tablets for blood pressure
mask – it is a must at Tirupati to avoid covid infection
sanitizer – sanitizing your hand for every 1 hour will protect you from covid infection
fruits – any kind of fruit to consume while traveling
sweater – Tirupati is a cool place since its located above 3000 feet, wearing a sweater will keep you warm
first aid box – use in any emergency situation.


If they prayed for some parigaram it should also be consulted with the doctor whether they can do it or not, based on their health condition. only then they can do that parigaram whatever they prayed for. it’s better to have a one-day visit to Tirupati for aged people, avoid staying for more than a day.